15 Weight Loss Success Stories With Before and After Photos


43, 5’4″, Marietta, Penn.

BEFORE: 209 lb., size 20

AFTER: 133 lb., size 2-4

TOTAL LOST: 76 lb., 9 dress sizes

Casie’s weight loss tips:

Bag it up: I portion out all my snacks, like almonds or sliced apples, ahead of time in ziplock bags. This lets me take my healthy eats anywhere while keeping my serving sizes in check.

Crush a quickie workout: On extra-busy days, I do a Tabata sequence—in just 20 minutes, I can get a full-body workout. It really revs up my heart rate.

Write it out: When I’m dreading the gym, I grab a pen and paper and map out my workout; having a game plan prevents me from wasting time or slacking off during my session.

Find sweet swaps: I love peanut butter. To avoid some of the fat that comes with it, I mix the powdered kind, PB2, into Greek yogurt. It gives me that nutty, creamy taste without the guilt.