5 Variations of Plank for toned abs


5 Variations of Plank for toned abs

Quick Bites

  • Side plank with quad activates hip flexors to tone abdomen
  • You can also turn the plank exercise into a dance move
  • Plank walkup to pushup works your biceps and chest beside the core

Plank is an exercise that involves the simplest of movements but offers significant benefits. The exercise can fix poor posture, reduce lower back pain and strengthen the core. If you want flat and toned abs, you don’t need anything other than a few variations of planks. Planks primarily train the deep abdominal muscles to help redefine the midsection. Here are some of the plank variations that will help you tone your abs flat.

Uneven Plank

This works abdominal muscles harder than a standard plank, and also the triceps. To do an uneven plank, lift one forearm off the floor. The longer you hold the exercise, the longer your core muscles will be under tension. 

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Side Plank with Quad Stretch

Side plank with quad stretch makes obliques and abdominals work harder in comparison with standard plank exercise. In this exercise, you are not only working the muscles on the side of your torso but also loosening your hip flexors (the muscles on the front of your hips). When hip flexors are activated, your core is stabilized so your back can’t easily move. 

Plank Single-Arm Row

If you want work multiple muscle groups along with abdominals, this plank variation may be beneficial. Plank single-arm row works your upper-back muscles besides the abs. In this plank exercise, you do all of your rows with one arm before switching it to the other. This way you keep tension on your working muscles longer and thus, allow more muscle gains. Elevating your body with your hands on a bench is one way to hold the plank position better and longer. 

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You can turn the plank exercise into a dance move! The variation requires you to move your feet from side to side and across your body. The form is quite important; maintain the same rigid, straight torso that you would when performing a plank. This is one of the best exercises for your core as your abdomen has to fight to stay stable against the motion of your legs. 

Plank Walkup to Pushup

The variation works your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest beside the core. The move requires you to keep a straight line from your head to your ankles. You have to go from a plank to a pushup position over and over again.

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Written by: Varsha Vats

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Sep 29, 2018