Calorie counting and exercise helped woman lose 50kg


You need to say goodbye to carbs on the keto diet, skip breakfast or dinner on the 16:8, ditch all animal products to go vegan, and basically put your body in a state of extreme danger on the lemon detox diet. And all for what? Yes, you might initially lose weight, but there’s a 99.9 per cent chance it won’t be long-term.

Beginning your weight loss journey can be intimidating and often confusing, which is why seek advice from other dieters who have been through their own weight loss transformations can be reassuring. This valuable advice is what one woman shared with others, where she took to Reddit to share her incredibly body transformation story.

The woman, who goes by the username “LDNurseMama” posted online about how she was able to lose a whopping 48.5kg in just over a year by making one simple change: tracking her calories.

“I started with just tracking my calories closely with my fitness pal, weighing my food, and being really active,” the 38-year-old posted on Reddit.

She explained her weight loss struggles had been a constant battle for “about 16 years”. Although she’d keep physically fit by “swimming, hiking, biking etc” regularly, her “broken metabolism” caused her to regain any weight lost through exercise.

“I would lose some and then my body would adjust and I’d start gaining again slowly,” she added. “Each time this happened I’d get depressed, frustrated and give up which would cause quicker gain as I lost control. The biggest loss prior was 50 pounds [23kg], but then I gained 70 again[32kg].”

However, as soon as she started to hone in on her food portions at track her calories via the fitness app, she almost instantly saw her weight falling off at a steady rate of approximately 1kg a week.

“It’s a tool to help me to continue what I started without the yo-yo backwards, it was a rest if you will.”

From there, “LDNurseMama” then sought help from professionals: “Then I went to an actual weight loss clinic to meet with nutritionists and doctors to help me plan for the long term weight loss and maintenance.”

Counting calories is not a new concept, however recent studies have proven its effectiveness time and time again. A study published in the journal Obesity, found a simple 15 minutes a day spent on monitoring your diet – whether that be a food diary or calorie counting – could help you shed weight. Of the 140 people that took part in the study, the most successful participants lost up to 10 per cent of their body weight, with the researchers noting those who lost the most weight spent 23 minutes a day monitoring their diet in the first month, but that dropped to just 15 by the end of the study.

Although tracking calories does sound like a simple task, it definitely was challenging for “LDNurseMama”: “The food portions were the hardest for me, tracking everything in my fitness pal really put things into perspective for me,” she continued.

However, overtime it became routine.

“I weighed my food for a while too until I had a good grip on what my portions should be. It’s hard but worth it.”

Since slimming down, “LDNurseMama” revealed she no longer tracks her food as she is now familiar with correct portion sizes.

“Now I watch what I eat still, eat healthy foods in smaller portions and stay active.”