Ditching take away helped teenager lose 70kg


A teen who was addicted to eating piles of pasta, chocolate and sweets has managed to shed an astonishing 70kg in a year.

Michelle Farraj, 19, weighed 127kg before her doctors urged her to do something about her weight.

Now a size 8, she’s unrecognisable from the morbidly obese student she was just 12 months ago.

Her weight had crippled her self-confidence so much that Michelle failed her exams after failing to turn up to class.

Since her dramatic weight loss, however, she’s gone back to studying.

The college student, from Ohio, USA, said: “I rarely showed up during secondary school because I was too ashamed and fed up of all the nasty comments and stares.

“I would stay at home and eat anything in sight. If I wasn’t eating takeaways, it would be an overload of carbs like pasta and rice dishes, followed by chocolate and sweets.

“And anything with peanut butter – sometimes I would just scoop it out of the tub.”

She says that one day, she woke up and realised that she needed to change and that she was tired of being overweight and angry.

“I hated looking in the mirror and I was failing all my exams because I didn’t attend class,” she recalled.

“I went to the doctors for a nutritional appointment and I put my name down for a gastric sleeve.”

Now 57kg, Michelle exercises six days a week and eats healthy, smaller portions.

“I have had my gastric sleeve since September 2018 and it is the best thing I have ever done, it reduced my hunger massively.

“Post-operation, I may have been thinner on the outside, but I still had the mind of a 20 stone girl, but thankfully the sleeve made me fill up faster.

“Rather than eating sugary cereal, breakfast and granola bars in the morning, I can now only manage one or two eggs.”

She says she’s now “super mindful” when she eats and doesn’t even give herself cheat days.

The one thing she hasn’t given up, however, is her love of peanut butter – although these days, she opts for the organic version and is better at exercising moderation in how much of it she eats.

“I was so unfit before and couldn’t even fit on to a chair, so I can’t risk being overweight again because I finally feel normal.”

Michelle’s diet before

  • Breakfast: cereal, breakfast bars and granola bars.
  • Lunch: Subway, McDonalds or pizza.
  • Dinner: Pasta or rice followed by sweets.
  • Snacks: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or chocolate bars, sweets, crisps or candy throughout the day.

Michelle’s diet now

  • Breakfast: 1-2 eggs
  • Lunch: 1 serving of protein (chicken) and 1 serving of vegetables.
  • Dinner: 1 serving of protein, 1 serving of vegetables.
  • Snacks: fruit or nuts.

Her next step is to get rid of her excess skin which is the only thing currently holding her back from being totally body confident.

“My next mission is to save for skin removal, even though I feel really confident with my new weight and healthier than ever.

“The loose skin is still a massive insecurity – I am as transparent as I can be on social media because I don’t want others to feel ashamed.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission.