‘I lost 43kg by walking everyday’


Recovery and treatment from breast cancer should bring happiness and hope for a patient and loved ones, but for Catherine Grant, treatment caused her to gain 20kg.

On one hand, Catherine was a happier woman who was free from cancer. But on the other hand, she was an extremely body conscious person who was tipping the scales at 110kg.

“I was extremely unhappy with the way I looked and felt,” the 49-year-old tells myBody+Soul.

“I didn’t have a regular fitness routine. The most I did was walk my dog in the evening, and would then sit down, eat dinner, and watch TV until it was time to retire for the night.”

Catherine would opt for sugary cereal or toast for breakfast, eat copious amounts of takeaway for lunch, and snack on unlimited amounts of ice-cream, chips, chocolate, cakes and lollies throughout the day.

Her lack of energy coupled with her low self-esteem saw her health spiral downwards further. It wasn’t until her doctor encouraged her to lose weight, in which she realised she needed to turn her life around.

“Once I had finished all the treatment for breast cancer, my oncologist suggested me to lose weight.”

Catherine decided to sign up to Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation program, which offers tailored workouts, mindfulness videos, shopping lists, and a host of other tools to its participants on a weekly basis, in order to keep them motivated and on track.

Catherine’s diet

The first step she took to better her health was decreasing her intake of processed foods and takeaway.

“It was difficult to go from eating a lot of processed foods to fresh healthy meals,” she recalls. ”Though once I started seeing the results both on and off the scales, it became apparent that I could achieve my goal of weight loss.”

This is what a typical day on a plate looks like now:

  • Breakfast: yoghurt with berries and muesli
  • Lunch: steak with Peperonata (a side dish of stewed peppers, onions and tomatoes)
  • Dinner: warm chicken salad
  • Snacks: an apple with almond spread and strawberries with ricotta

She doesn’t skimp on dessert either, revealing that her favourite way to finish off a day is by indulging in the 12WBT Pavlova.

Catherine’s workout routine

Catherine didn’t have to sign up to her local gym or spend hours on the treadmill running. Instead, her weight loss success mainly came down to the simple art of walking – especially after her main meals.

She walks for one hour at lunchtime and in the evening takes her dog, Drew, for his daily walk.

She also follows the 12WBT exercise videos everyday, which offers a mix of cardio, strength and stretching sessions tailored to each individual’s fitness levels.

Catherine on the biggest changes and challenges

Catherine, who now weighs 67kg, is healthier than she’s ever been before; but it certainly didn’t come easily.

“The biggest lesson I have learnt during my journey is eating fresh healthy produce and eliminating high processed foods,” she adds. “Including daily exercise is paramount to healthy living.”

Although she notes that the biggest challenge was “changing [her] eating habits and having a daily exercise routine”, she also points out that the entire process is an extremely difficult mental battle.

“Don’t be hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon; understand why it happened and move on,” Catherine says.

“Take it one day at a time, do what you can and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do a certain exercise. Don’t give up if you have a bad day as we all have them, there is always a new day tomorrow.”

The next round of Michelle Bridges 12WBT kicks off on February 4. Head here to sign up now.

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