‘I lost 64kg and stopped my snacking habits thanks to this one trendy diet’


Popular diets often get a bad rap, but they’re popular for a reason – they work.

And for this Reddit user, it worked spectacularly well.

Going by the username ‘MissGuac’ she shared her amazing weight loss journey on the social media site to encourage other users.

Originally weighing in at 146kg, she’s now just 81kg.

That’s a whopping 64kg weight loss.

“I weigh 5 lbs (2.3kg) more after they removed 5 lbs (2.3kg) of loose skin 17 days ago thanks to swelling, but I’m still loving this dress!!!,” she wrote.

Her secret to shedding so much fat? Intermittent fasting.

Popularised by Dr Michael Mosely in, intermittent fasting involves periods of eating very little calories at set points during the week. It also helps with health conditions including inflammation.

What makes it popular is that you can choose the fast times to fit in with your lifestyle.

“I chose to eat breakfast, lunch, and a snack between 7am-2pm,” MissGuac says.

“This meant that I would go home and not be ‘allowed’ to eat. I had already eaten sufficient calories for my needs.

“So every time I would go walk to the kitchen, I would be able to stop myself and go ‘why am I doing this?’ and reflect on all the behaviours other than hunger that trigger me to eat.

“It also meant that I was able to feel hungry, accept that I wasn’t eating, and let the pangs pass. I learned that it’s ok to not eat every time you think you need to.”

For the first six weeks, MissGauc ate just 15000 calories a day which kickstarted her diet and helped her lose 11kg.

She started walking, up to 24km a week, which saw her lose another 23kg.

Her fitness improved, she eventually took up running and has completed two half marathons.

To maintain her weight loss, she now sticks to 1200 calories a day.