I lost over 5kg in 10 weeks eating pancakes for breakfast


Katia Maccora was trapped in the same routine too many of us fall into – she was doing endless cardio-based workouts in an effort to lose weight.

Although it sounds like an appropriate approach to ditch the stubborn weight fast, Katia soon realised it was the underlying reason as to why those kilos never shifted despite her good intentions.

To add to this, her diet wasn’t in the best shape either; Katia often found herself eating starchy carbohydrates and not drinking enough water. It wasn’t until she came across The Robards Method (TRM), in which her whole weight loss approach was turned upside-down.

10 weeks after following the TRM fitness and diet plan and Katia shed over 5gk in 10 weeks.

“By eating clean, healthy, nutritious food I really saw an increase in my energy levels. I also learnt about water retention and the difference drinking more water and eating fewer starchy carbohydrates can have on your overall wellbeing,” she tells myBody+Soul.

Katia reveals her legs were the body part she always felt most self-conscious about, but once she made a few switches to her diet that stubborn fat around her legs quickly disappeared.

“I usually gain fat in my legs first and therefore store the most water in my legs. By consistently replacing starchy carbs with veggies and fibre I really felt my legs slim down which was something I never thought I could ever achieve.”

The TRM adopts the 7:2:1 principle, which essentially means that 70 per cent of your diet is made up of clean and whole foods, 20 per cent is sensible (common comfort foods using healthier ingredients), and 10 per cent is relaxed. This means that if you are eating 21 meals in a week (three a day), 15 of them would be clean, four would be sensible, and two would be relaxed.

Her diet

This is what Katia’s typical day on a plate looks like now:

Breakfast: Protein pancakes topped with Greek yoghurt and berries, which she meal-preps a “big batch on Sundays” of and stores in the fridge. “The pancakes are made with egg whites, banana and a tablespoon of coconut flour.”

Lunch: “Something light such as a Greek salad with tuna.”

Dinner: After her workout she’ll have a “protein hit from oven-baked honey-soy salmon, pulled pork or grilled chicken with roast cauliflower, avocado and salad.” She also admits she loves the TRM Zoodle Bolognese and Shepherd’s Pie – both healthy veggie-packed versions of calorie-dense meals.

“I always like to have a big meal for dinner, so I find bulking out my meal with as many veggies as possible is one way to feel full and satisfied without overeating.”

Although her typical day on a plate sounds extremely healthy, Katia knows that the success of her weight loss journey comes down to balance and portion control.

“I do think it’s important to roughly track your calories for a few days to give yourself an idea of portion sizes, especially with snacks like nuts and fruit and how much you should eat to be in a deficit,” she adds.

It’s also key to ensure you never sabotage your social life to achieve your weight loss goal.

“Use eating out and social events as your 10 per cent, because these are inevitable and you shouldn’t miss out on memories with family and friends.”

Her workout routine

In addition to transforming her approach to food, her exercise regime completely changed, too. Once a cardio junkie, Katia realised strength training and body weight exercises were the key to sustainable long-term weight loss.

“I really learnt you can still get a sweat on and your heart pumping with slow, controlled body weight exercises,” she explains.

“Before I was scared to build muscle, but after a few weeks I could see some great toning results and really felt an increase in my metabolism from increasing my muscle mass. It’s also really satisfying to feel a gradual increase in strength.”

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