Instagram travel blogger has a 20-year-old body at 46


An Aussie woman who looks better at 46 than she did in her 20s has credited her travel adventures and “good genes” for her youthful appearance.

Danielle Greentree, from Kirribilli in Sydney has been a full-time travel blogger for three years, but has been travelling overseas since she was 18.

She began documenting her travels on Instagram three years ago when she went to the Maldives with her husband, which accidentally attracted a strong following that has since grown to 90,000 people, many of whom can’t believe her age.

“Given most of my content is me in summer destinations and dipping my toes in turquoise waters, I cannot really avoid being in a bikini,” she told

“This naturally draws more attention to my physical appearance. People have just assumed I am younger until I start referencing travel from many years ago or telling a travel story from the 90s.”

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While many fans are in awe of her shots from sunny and exotic locations, others have commented on her much-younger appearance.

“You have such a killer bikini body… I can’t believe you’re in your 40s,” one person wrote recently.

“You look amazing! Those abs!” another agreed.

“Your body is amazing,” another said.

Someone else wrote: “What is your secret for your diet and exercise?”

Danielle thinks her age and experience adds “a little more credibility” to her blogs — but she admits she “rarely thinks” about her age.

She’s visited more than 70 countries in total and adopted a healthy lifestyle spent largely outdoors and loves to share her fitness tips with her fans.

“I have inherited my parent’s youthful genes but I also attribute how I have aged by my healthy lifestyle choices,” she said.

“I don’t eat a lot of processed foods. I love fruit, vegetables and fish.”

Her exercise routine revolves around resistance and strength using her own body weight, not machines.

“I do swimming, running, yoga and pilates,” she explained, adding she always reads food and beauty product labels, too.

She also recommends wearing sunscreen religiously and says she rarely wears makeup.

Danielle’s travel highlights include swimming with eight giant Manta rays in the Maldives and trekking in Peru but said the Galápagos Islands left her speechless.