Low carb diet will help lose weight but there’s a catch


Keto – it’s the diet buzzword that just won’t quit and the divisive eating plan that has generated as many positive results as it has negative side effects.

Medical professionals, dietitians, nutritionists and experts all seem divided over the controversial diet and Dr. Sanjay Gupta is no different.

During an appearance on PEOPLE Now, the medical professional revealed that the Keto diet is an effective way of losing weight quickly – but there is a big catch to keep in mind if you’re thinking of giving the diet a go.

“You can lose a lot of weight and you can do it quickly,” Dr. Gupta confessed.

“The idea is that you’re putting your body into a state of ketosis, that’s why it has its name. You’re not eating any sugar, you’re not eating any carbs, you’re mainly eating fat….so you will lose weight,” he explained.

But, here’s the catch – while you will lose weight quickly and possibly feel good after a few weeks, Dr Gupta explained that the weight you lose is water weight, meaning that after an initial positive result from the diet, most people will then find it difficult to keep the weight off or continue losing more weight on the keto diet.

“It’s very hard to sustain, so it’ll usually be a few weeks and a lot of that weight you lose is water weight,” he went on to say, before advising that people with a history of heart disease in their families should probably avoid the diet altogether.

Before considering any diet make sure you consult a healthcare professional.