Mumbai Marathon 2019: Do’s and Don’ts of Running in the Marathon


Mumbai Marathon 2019: Do’s and Don’ts of Running in the Marathon

Quick Bites

  • Mumbai Marathon will be held on January 2019
  • Savio D’ Souza gives you tips on how to run a marathon 
  • Remind yourself that you need to finish the race by believing in yourself

The 16th edition of the IAAF Gold Label Tata Mumbai Marathon will be held on January 2019 with over 45,000 athletes as participants. It is in itself a moment of pride to get selected for the marathon. However, you need months of practice and proper training to reach the finish line. 

We talked to Coach Savio D’ Souza, a national champion from 1984-1988 and Pune International Marathon winner in 1984, 1985 and 1986. Currently, he is training more than 100 runners for Tata Mumbai Marathon. He gave us some valuable tips for marathon runners and what they should keep in mind before reaching the starting line on Sunday morning. 

Sleep Well a Day Before  

Sleep early on Friday night and wake up late on Saturday to have sufficient energy the next day. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, you might get tired easily on the day of the marathon. Moreover, a good sleep will help you wake up fresh on Sunday. 

No Changes in the Diet

You should not make any changes to your diet. Any changes can lead to stomach problems such as indigestion, diarrhoea or constipation. According to the coach, you should stick to what you have been eating so far. 

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Hydrate Yourself

On the day before the race, you must hydrate yourself. Keep drinking water or some fluids. You must have a glass of electrolyte on Sunday morning. One glass in the afternoon and one in the evening, so that you have enough salts in your body. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast 

On Saturday night, you must eat something solid. If you will not have sufficient food in the morning, then you might start feeling hungry by the time you reach the starting line. You will also run out of energy in the middle of the race. According to the Coach, you can have oats, milk, warm water or toast. Take a banana to the venue and eat it 35-40 minutes before going for the race. Make sure that your breakfast is healthy and light. 

Sufficient Rest 

Take an ample amount of rest to start afresh on the day of the marathon. Too much practice can lead to an injury which can hinder your plans of finishing the race on time. 

Maintain the Pace 

You have to maintain a steady pace throughout the race. This way you will not be out of breath in the middle of the race. Savio D Souza said, “The first 5 km is not as important as the last 5 km. Start slow and build up the pace gradually. If you build the pace gradually and then run, it will help get into the rhythm.”

Keep your Outfit ready

You should be ready with your outfit a day before to avoid any clumsiness the next day. To avoid such a situation, you should be well prepared before the race. This way you don’t need to keep searching for anything and you will be ready-to-go in the morning. 

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Do not buy new shoes 

Do not buy a new pair of shoes and run because trying on new shoes may lead to blisters or ankle pain. You should run with your old shoes to avoid getting blisters. Only buy new ones if your old pair is completely worn out or torn. You can’t run the race with an injury.

Take away this…

If you have been running and practising for a long time for this, you have to remind yourself that I have done a lot of hard work, I have practised hard for the marathon so I am going to run. “Come what may, I will not stop”. The most important thing is that you need to finish the race by believing in yourself.

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Written by: Arushi Bidhuri

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jan 18, 2019