Trim 14 Reviews, Scam, Price & Trial.


Trim 14 is a weight loss supplement that targets actual fat loss via three dimensions; building a strong metabolism, controlling appetite and igniting the fat burning mode of the body. Based on natural ingredients that work along the body’s regular physiology, the subject weight loss supplement is safe from any side effects, either short term or long term. However, the claims made by this product are similar in wording to many of its counterparts and one cannot help but wonder if it is true to the acclaimed statements.

The fact of the matter is; weight loss is becoming a global dilemma that spares no age or sex. Many successful weight loss stories originate in the background of a personalized approach, i.e. personal trainers, personal diet meals prepared by nutritionists, dietitians, and what not. One is led to believe that weight loss cannot be accomplished by simple and economical supplements; rather you need to spend some hefty cash for the whole procedure. The beneficiary of the entire case scenario is the diet and food industry on one hand and weight loss industry on the other.

An overview of Trim 14

Trim 14 is based on triggering the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms and it claims to target the most important aspect of an overweight phenomenon, some of which are

  •     Low resting expenditure rate
  •     Low metabolic rate
  •     Unbalanced cortisol levels
  •     Imbalanced sugar levels
  •     Unsteady insulin levels
  •     High levels of carb controlling enzymes
  •     Abnormal appetite
  •     Stress, fatigue, mood alterations
  •     Inflammation of fat cells and their unchecked growth

The brains behind Trim 14 believes every individual has a specific set of triggers, that prompt the body to accumulate fat instead of burning it and the subject design of the supplement aids in identifying the trigger and uses it to help you shed some extra fat.

The ingredients of Trim 14

The ingredients of Trim 14 have been carefully selected and blended in precise dosage to deliver results that are not only rapid in nature but delivers obvious results with an energy replenish. These constituents are backed by scientific research and studies with proven clinical validity. Here is a look at them and their dosage used in Trim 14.

  •     Acetyl-L-Carnitine, each capsule of Trim 14 delivers a 120mg of ALC
  •     White kidney bean extract, each dose of Trim 14 delivers the extract equivalent to six cups of beans
  •     300 mg of Chromium in each capsule
  •     Fucoxanthin, a derivative from seaweed extract, each dose serves a 30 mg of it
  •     75mg of Rhodiola Rosea extract
  •     Raspberry ketones

The working of Trim 14

As mentioned, Trim 14 works by targeting the specific set of triggers that stimulate your body to a fat storing mechanism. It works via

Making you realize two of your triggers in seven seconds; either you have slow metabolism or have an unbalanced insulin and cortisol levels

Loaded dice dinner with 14 faces, which is actually the weight loss supplement, Trim 14

The number 14 is tagged with Trim 14 because it effectively targets the fourteen fat triggers, out of which there are three specific ones for each individual. Trim 14 contains all the ingredients required to tackle the 14 triggers in a manner where three individual specific triggers are handles, the rest of the ingredients of Trim 14 work to increase the overall performance of the body to burn fat. Here is a brief look at what the individual constituents of Trim 14 are supposed to do in your body.

Cost and availability of Trim 14

Trim 14 is available at the official site in different package deals. The best value deal cost s about $198 for six bottles, costing $33 per bottle. Six bottles would cover a period of six months. The next is the most popular, costing about $117 for three bottles, amounting to $39 per bottle. A single bottle purchase costs about $49.

The first deal is shipped free of cost while the last two packages charge a $19.95 because of shipping and handling charges. The S&H charges are the only aspect of Trim 14 we do not like from a customer point of view.