What to do After Eating too Much Sweets


Sweets are a major part of Diwali along with lights and candles. You get a chance to eat them in different varieties. Even if you try not to buy them you get them as a gift. You cannot avoid those delicious sweets even if you are on a diet. They follow you everywhere as the festive season is all about sweets. After enjoying all the sweet delights it makes you regret later, as you consume too much sugar as well as some unnecessary calories. Consumption of too much sugar is bad for health. Sudden consumption can make you sick in many ways. A large serving of sugar at once can result in stomach aches, increased level of sugar in the blood, bloating, weight gain etc. There are certain methods which you can follow after eating too much sugar to lessen its side effects. Read on to know what to do after eating too much sugar this festive season so that you can enjoy all the sweet treats.

Eat probiotic food

Probiotics are a source of good bacteria. After eating too much sugar you must increase the intake of good bacteria. According to a few studies, bad bacteria in the gut depend on sugar. This affects the digestive function. Hence, to reduce the harmful effects the intake of good bacteria should be increased. Curd is the best source of good bacteria. Other probiotic foods include green peas, dark chocolate, olives, cottage cheese and pickles.

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Tea with lemon

Drinking tea is a great way to eliminate the bad effects of eating sweets. Green tea would b the best option to detoxify your body. Lemon promotes hydration, its citric taste will counter the side effects of eating too much sugar. Green tea is considered as the healthiest beverage. It is loaded with antioxidants. Drinking green tea with lemon in it will give relief to your stomach.

Eat healthy meals later

Once the festivals are over you must stick to a healthy diet after it. After eating sweets you may crave for unhealthy foods so try to eat only healthy meals as much as possible. Eating unhealthy food after consumption of extra sugar will worsen the gut health. Add more green vegetables and fresh fruits to your diet. Also, make sure that you drink enough water. You can also squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and drink it once in a day for better results.

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Get rid of the leftovers

Avoiding sweets and chocolates during the festive season might be difficult but avoiding the leftovers is totally in your hands. To avoid any further intake of extra sugar get rid of all the leftovers. If you would have some of them left in your kitchen you are more likely to develop cravings for them all over again. Give them to someone offer just do not store extra quantity. After consuming so many sweets, even a bit of sugar is harmful. It can then lead to weight gain or can simply ruin the diet plan of someone who is on a diet.

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